How to Install Root and Recovery on Huawei U9200 – Ascend P1

Huawei U9200 AKA Ascend P1

Note: This is no longer experimental :) This method has been tested by members of XDA here and has been developed with the help of my friend Kahraman via Madmodder aka 123hero123 at XDA :)

This method only works on firmware versions up to B110, if you have firmware versions B113 or B115 then head over here -

How to – Root Huawei Ascend P1 – U9200 B113 and B115 


How to – Install Recovery on Huawei Ascend P1 – U9200 B113 and B115



Step 1 – Download Onekey_ROM_Ascendp1 Installer here (or here – mirror)and extract to your hard drives root (May not be necessary but in my experience can prevent problems).

(Please note this tool is not my work. All credit goes to Genokolar who is a brilliant Chinese developer)

Step 2 – Make sure you have the correct drivers for your handset installed, you can get them here if needed – Huawei USB Drivers (or here – mirror)

Step 3 – Enable USB Debugging, Settings>Developers Options

Step 4 – Run Onekey_ROM_Ascendp1.exe and press any key.

English Translation by me :)

Step 5 – Next select Option 1 or 2.

Option 1 – Flashes and wipes all the user data

Option 2 – Flashes without wiping the user data which can cause problems such as freezing and boot loops.

And English



(If your phone isn’t connected properly, the correct drivers are not installed or USB debugging is not switched on. You will see this screen)


Step 6 – Wait while the recovery image is installed, pressing any key when prompted.

Step 7 – Once the program has finished flashing your phone, you will see the screen below. Now use the recovery menu to flash from the SD Card and it will flash a rooted version of U9200 V100R001CHNC00B109 (Android 4.0)



Step 8 – Now you will need to flash gapps ICS pack from here or my mirror here (mirror 2), if you want to use Google Play.


Step 9 – Optionally there is a rooted version of U9200-1V100R001CHNC00B113 by lesong

available here or here (mirror 2). 


Note: You will need to reflash the gapps package if you upgrade to this rom.


Also Note: The recovery flashed with this is in Chinese, its ClockworkMod based so should be easy enough to navigate around until an English language one is available.

Enjoy :)

Addendum: I’m going to release an English translation of Genokolar’s Onekey tool shortly and will post it here when it is ready :)

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11 Responses to How to Install Root and Recovery on Huawei U9200 – Ascend P1

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  3. annanee says:

    Hi, thanks so much for this….
    Though, I am having trouble.
    It goes through the whole process, except at the end when rebooting into recovery, the phone hangs on the loadup screen with the logo…. does it take more than 10 minutes?
    I have noticed the recovery image file is on the SD card, still compressed….

    I did do a software update on the phone prior to this. Would that be the problem?



    • Johnny Paranoia says:

      There is a high chance that the update is the problem :(

      I am currently trying to come up with a solution to downgrade the firmware to the B110 rom which seems to be the one it works on.

      What firmware are you currently on?

  4. lerso says:

    Hi here.
    I has trouble with flashing.
    After reboot Win 7 can’t find Blaze driver. Flashing stuck on 6 step “Rebooting into Recovery to fash phone…”
    Where i can fint that driver? Or any suggestion of this trouble?

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  8. ben8118 says:

    Dear Johnny,

    Would you mind please upload the file for rooting.
    The link for part1 is unavailable.


  9. celebor says:

    Tried this method on B103. Currently stuck on step 6, Rebooting into Recovery to flash phone.

    Guide says works up to B110, 103 is below. So what’s up?

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