Huawei G300 U8818 – Firmware List

Huawei G300 U8818 Firmware


(If you happen to have a firmware not listed here please let me know and have a copy so I can post it here for all :)

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14 Responses to Huawei G300 U8818 – Firmware List

  1. athiha90 says:

    what i can install firmware u8818 . please write step by step guide.

  2. gino says:

    Hello NO REPLY :(

  3. kotheinzawwin says:

    Hello! Can I get for Ascend G300-U8818 (Android 4.0) V100R001C17B897(China Unicom). Thanks alot.

  4. kozay says:

    Hello Johnny,
    I would like to install ICS Stock ROM for Huawei U8818 Build number U8818V100R001C17B897.Please help me?

  5. dayang125 says:

    I want to downgrade for u8818.
    How can i do.

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